Car rims have a tendency to attract large amount of dirt and debris, thus you need to spend some time on them when cleaning your car. Here are sure-fire steps for you to have a shinier and cleaner rim!

The first thing you need to do is to clean the tires. This is because when you clean the tires, a lot of dirt fall onto the rims; therefore, it is best to clean the rims last. Once your tire is perfectly cleaned, spray the rims with a degreaser. This should loosen the dirt and dust that accumulate around the nuts and bolts of the rims. Pay extra attention to areas where you see a lot of dirt and grease.

After you have applied the degreaser in all the area of the rim, wipe away the degreaser. If you leave the degreaser on the rims too long, it can cause damage including discoloration. Shower the rims with water from your garden hose. You can wash away any of the debris left behind after using the degreaser. Dry the rims with a clean cloth. At this point, they should be free of any dust and dirt. For the final touch, shine the rims with a rim cleaner. You can use a product, any product to protect rims and give them a nice shine.