So, what’s we have for today here in my auto blog….. well, well, well.. I have something to share for you folks about this amazing technology that my bro wants to integrate in his muscle car. But I don’t know if it is applicable in his Mustang since it is just a new techy employed in Infiniti’s redesigned FX crossover. This technology is called the Plasmacluster Filtration, ionizes and deionizes the cabin to remove any olfactory offenders inside it. As a result the car has the capacity to clean air on its own. This was new technology of Infinity was featured in the Automotive news when they interviewed FX product manager Stefan Conrad.

The Plasmacluster Filtration features two settings: Clean Mode emits ions to catch mold spores and other particles, while Ion Mode floods the interior with negative ions to replicate the crisp-air freshness you get after a rainstorm. To make sure that this feature is successful in doing its task, series of testing was made, including blowing cigarette smoke into the car and leaving leftover food behind. Furthermore, spokesman Kyle Bazemore said that the Plasmacluster has the capability to reduce allergen and its filtration techniques strictly clean the air, it won’t introduce any new smells to cover the old. Frankly, we hope it doesn’t work too well — we’d hate to forget a leftover salad long enough for the ranch to turn into Roquefort.

Well, this new feature sure does can help drivers to maintain the good quality of air inside their cabin. Like my bother, it is important that his car is free from different allergens because he is very sensitive to odors and usually he suffers to allergic rhinitis. I hope in the near future, this technology will be available in all car models to be more convenient to drivers.