Scientist believed that prolonged exposure to electromagnetic field generated by hybrid motors can have an especially detrimental effect. Agencies like the National Institutes of Health and the National Cancer Institute have associated EMFs to health problems according on the studies done on cancer patients living next to high-voltage utility lines. There is no centralized standard for tolerable exposure levels. Moreover, there is no scientific agreement on what constitutes an tolerable level of exposure. Toyota and Honda as the top makers of hybrid cars, say their internal checks of EMFs don’t suggest they pose any risk whatsoever.

As hybrids become increasingly popular to shoppers, there’s a significant calculation of a health risk posed by these new breed of vehicles. Like any electronic device like cell phones the electric motor and other components of a hybrid car create electromagnetic fields that may be dangerous to health.

There isn’t enough information that supports the fact those hybrids pose health risk which I guess wouldn’t help anyway. It’s simply an issue that deserves further study by disinterested parties. 😐