Isn’t it nice driving in a long winding road under the hot summer sun while drinking a cool soda… or seating comfortably in your car eating your favorite flavor ice cream. For sure, you can’t help it hitting the road anytime! Here’s good news! The innovative technology offered in the new Ford Flex 2009 the in-car refrigerator. FEATURES! As a $760 option, Ford isn’t simply giving you a plastic compartment cooled by the air conditioner, which can drop the temperature of a beverage up to 20 degrees. This refrigerator uses a compressor to create chilled liquid that can lower the temperature of a beverage 41 degrees in two and a half hours. It also has a freezer option that can chill to 23 degrees Fahrenheit. AMAZING isn’t it???

Here’s more! The compartment is small — capable of holding seven 12-ounce cans, four half-liter bottles or two orders of vegetable maki — but the utility is also evident. For drivers who live in hot climates, it might save a gallon of ice cream on the way back from the store or allow drivers to run other errands while keeping raw meat at a safe temperature.