As I’m surfing the net to look for the best car that my dad would give me as a birthday present, i happened to visit a blog that features the top 10 cheapest car in the world! WHHOOOAAA!

What follows is a list of the 10 least expensive cars in the world, ranked from most expensive to least expensive.


Placing 1oth in the top-10 cheapest car in the world that cost about $9,477!! Chenchededen! Renault/ Dacia Logan! It is built in Romania, Turkey, Brazil, India and Iran. Logan is designed with low-cost and modern features in mind.


Placing 9th... Fiat Palio…$9242??? fairly affordable! This vehicle was first launched in the market in the year 1996. It was first manufactured in Brazil and other Latin American countries…. Its sedan version is also being manufactured in Poland, Morocco, Turkey, India, South Africa China and Russia.


Atos, placing 8th made by Hyundai. It is the smallest member of the Hyundai lineup. You can buy it in India, South Korea, Latin America and even Europe. This sophisticated 5-door hatch-back is available for $9,096! Amazing! hehhehe i want to have this car… hmmmmm….


The ugly duckling in the European market…Indica placed 7th in the top-10 cheapest car in the world. It survives because there’s nothing cheaper available! It cost for about $8,500. The car is also sold in South Africa, where it’s a huge success….


The Cherry A-1.. a simple 5-door hatchback that costs $7,340… Powered by a 1.3-liter, 4-cyl, 83 HP engine, it can take you miles and miles away!


Based on the mid-’80s Daihatsu Charade the Geely HQ SRC placed 5th in the world’s cheapest car. It costs $5,780…. hmmmmm… =)


Like the HQ placing 5th in the list, the Geely MR has its roots in the Daihatsu Charade. Their difference??? well the Geely MR can be fitted with more “sporty” powertrains…and it is cheaper.. that costs $5,500….


Suzuki Maruti 800 the “smallest car in production” — will be the cheapest car you can buy in India and in other nearby countries that costs $4,994. Some of its versions have even arrived in Europe…


Twice as expensive as the cheapest car on the list, that costs $4,781 Cherry QQ coming in at #2…… cute!

and the last but not the least.. tantadadan!








Tata Nano! A 4-door hatchback from India that costs $2,497. This vehicle would surely be very in demand in the market because it is so cheap! For me… its very cute… but i really don’t know if the specs are good.. hmm i guess i have to do a little surfing in the net to look for the specs of the cheapest car in the world… thats all for today folks…

Source: Auto Blog Green