CARPETS. They are generally made of synthetic materials, for reasons of practicality and durability. Polypropylene fiber is the most commonly used material. It has the capacity to absorb water and highly stain and odor resistant. For general automotive use it is efficient in wear and performance.

Carpet is one of those interior parts that help a lot in providing protection in the metal floor. However, this is the most abused part of the interior. Thus, cleaning and maintenance should be done regularly.

Maintenance Tips & Suggestions:

· Vacuuming regularly. This extends the life of carpet by reducing the abrasion of dirt particles and tearing which occurs when fibers are snagged on debris.

· Shampooing with a dry foam application is the most appropriate form of cleaning.

· For polypropylene, white spirits are a good general purpose stain remover, but then again, you have to test first on a concealed portion of the carpet to insure colorfastness.

When spills occur, prompt treatment is critical. You can use the following guide which I have found in CAUTION: Do not use ketones, petroleum or aromatic solvents.




Coffee, Fruit Juice, Glue, Milk, Mud, Plaster, Syrup


A. Dissolve detergent in warm water. Work from outside of the stain to the center. Rinse with clean water.

Ballpoint Pen, Crayon, Polish, Lipstick, Motor Oil

B, C

B. Apply a small amount of paint or grease remover. Work from outside of stain and blot with tissues.

Cooking Oils and Fats, Alcohol, Soups, Permanent Ink, Paint

B, C, A

C. Apply dry cleaning solvent and blot.

Blood, Wine, Fruit

B, C, A, D

D. Apply a small quantity of ammonia, work from outside the stain. Rinse and blot.

Chewing Gum


E. Freeze with ice cubes or gum freeze spray, break up and vacuum.

Urine, Vomit

A, D

When and how carpets be replaced.

It is not pleasant when your interior has torn seats, worn carpeting, faded dashboard finishes and cigarette burns. It sure does decreases the value of a vehicle and contribute to a less-than-pleasant atmosphere for the driver. There are shops specialized in repairing and enhancing the interior and certain features of vehicles.   These shops can repair or recover leather, cloth and vinyl seats; replace and upgrade worn or soiled carpeting; replace torn or falling headliners; and repair, replace or install convertible tops and sunroofs.

Now the problem is looking for the right shop to do the repairs in your interior. The first thing you need to do? Well, to look in the yellow pages under the heading “AUTO UPHOLSTERY REPAIR”. Once you have located the few repair shops to entrust your car, its not just ends there. Use these tips to select the right one for you:

  1. Explain the problem. Don’t forget to tell the shop what type of vehicle you have and what is the problem with it. REMEMBER: A good shop should be able to clearly explain the options available to fix your vehicle or the upgrades that may enhance its value.
  2. Ask questions. You can never ask too many questions, and a good trim shop is trained to help you fully understand your interior maintenance needs.
  3. Obtain a written estimate of the work to be performed. The good estimate includes parts, cost of parts, cost of labor and an expected delivery date. From this you’ll know how much money you will spend for your car to be repaired.
  4. To protect your investment, make sure the shop is insured.
  5. Does the shop have a warranty program? Always remember that a good business you can be confident in the service you receive if the shop is willing to warranty both parts and labor.
  6. Ask to see examples of past work completed. From this you’ll know if the shop is confident about their work. REMEMBER: A good trim shop will have a photo book that includes different types of services performed and the results, which are often spectacular.
  7. Visit the facility. A clean, well-run shop will boost your confidence that they offer a good service and produce a good output.

For sure after you have followed the tips above you’ll surely experience the best service. Remember these tips and you’ll surely be satisfied of the new ambiance in your interior without spending too much money.