According to the Insurance Information Institute a car is stolen in the United States every 24 seconds. Despite from the new ant-theft technology that is developed each year car theft continuously increasing. The big question now is, “What can a car owner do to avoid in becoming a victim of car theft?”

Earlier this day, I browsed on the web to search for tips in installing a new headlight for my Chevy when my eyes view a very interesting article about the Top 10 Ways to Steal a Car (and how to defend against them) Well at first, it shockingly loose to me considering the increasing cases of car theft, why did someone publish an article about ways of stealing a car! Well, much to my surprise after reading the article I find it interesting and beneficial to a car owner like me to avoid car theft.

Here the ways to steal a car that i have read in Edmund’s.

    Bump against the car to check for a car alarm. Since it seems like everything from a loud Harley to a rumbling garbage truck can set off a car alarm, people have been conditioned to tune them out. Instead of a motion-sensitive car alarm, use one that has a pager that will notify you as soon as your alarm is activated.

    Break the window or jimmy the lock to gain entry into a locked car. Don’t tempt car thieves. Keep valuables out of plain sight. Take them with you or store them in the trunk. Also, if you have a stereo with a removable face plate, take it with you instead of tucking it away in the glovebox.

    Cut the steering wheel itself if there’s a steering wheel lock.
    Instead of locking just your steering wheel, “lock” your car’s ability to go by using a starter disable switch and putting it in a place where only you can get to it.

    Look for exposed wiring that can be cut or for the central unit of the car alarm to deactivate it. Instead of going to a big retail chain store, have your car alarm installed by a professional car alarm installer, preferably a reasonably shady one. Unlike retail chain employees, these experts know what it takes to make your car elusive to crooks.

    Look for car alarm decals to figure out which method to use to eliminate the alarm. Never display stickers that advertise what sort of car alarm you have, or audio system for that matter. Consider using a hood lock cable so the thief can’t get to your battery or car alarm mechanism.

    Jump into an unattended running car while the owner is at the ATM, dropping off videos, etc. Never leave your keys in the ignition even for a quick errand. Car theft is a crime of opportunity, so don’t make it easy for them to grab yours.

    Look for the car’s title, registration or anything with a home address on it. Keep your registration and insurance information with you and never leave personal information in your car.

    Stake out sporting events, movie theaters and shopping center parking lots for the car of your choice since they offer the largest variety of cars in one area. Whenever possible, park in lots and garages that have security and/or parking lot attendants. If not, don’t park in the farthest corner of the lot but rather near the entrance of these facilities to insure the most foot traffic (and the most potential witnesses). Also, opt for paying the extra couple of dollars for the monitored parking lot instead of using the free parking on the less-trafficked side streets.

    Find the second set of keys the owner “hid” in the car. Don’t leave spare keys in your car or in a magnetic box attached to the underside of your car. Thieves know where all the “hiding places” are.

    Copy specific vehicle information and take it to the manufacturer to get a replacement key made. Instead of VIN etching the major parts of your vehicle, which doesn’t turn most thieves off, drop your business card into the doors through the window slots to identify your car as yours.

The author of the article clearly stated that they have no intention in providing information to the wrong people that may use the above mentioned ways in the wrong way, they simply want to educate the good guys to protect themselves from being a victim. Furthermore, the authors emphasize that they haven’t disclose anything that car thieves don’t already know and they have left out specific details to avoid making this a “how-to.”

Well, i hope this one would really help you guys in avoiding car theft… =) ciao!