Designing, engineering and manufacturing cars is not easy, and photographing them in live action is not something to be taken lightly. Although lighting is a very important aspect to consider, car photography can also be done at night and it only make things more complicated. Car racing is sometimes held at night, including the American LeMans Series. In this event, the cars and the drivers are not only the ones in action, photographers are on the move, aiming for that ideal spot they can capture special scenes. If you are a car photographer, you wouldn’t want your photo to appear as though the car is merely parked instead of accelerating fast.

As a solution, the use of flash combined with long exposure is a technique used by photographers of night racing events. This particular photography style could result to a blurry image, but that is a hint that the car is in extreme motion instead of stationary. The light emanating from the headlights also makes an interesting detail, and in contrast with the dark background, the combination of both is quite a spectacle. Next time anyone has to capture something moving at great speed, he already knows what could make the photo life-like and eternal.

Here’s just a bit of advice for those attempting to take in on the challenge of putting night racing on film, stay in a safe place. Don’t even try to step beyond the designated area, for you are putting your life on the line here. If you have seen a clip of racing accidents that killed a photographer on the sidelines, you wouldn’t want to be the next casualty, right? So next time you learn of a night racing event near you, take out your camera and take on the action. Read this site if you want to know more about this topic.