Yesterday, I and daddy have this game, a guessing game about car logos. Well, I have learned a lot from him about identifying different car logos. Here are some of the logos I have remembered and there are some I have researched in the net.

Notice the circle around the tri-star logo of Mercedes. This logo has been around since the 1920s.

See the spinning propeller on BMW. This represents the company’s beginning as an aircraft engine manufacturer.

Observe the four linked rings that represent Audi’s formation following the merger of four German companies in the 1930s.

Look at a Ferrari and you’ll see Francesco Baracca’s prancing horse, which is the emblem of the WWI flying ace adopted for Baracca’s racing Alfas.

Find a Mitsubishi to view the three diamonds in its logo, which represent a ship’s propellers referencing the company’s ship-building days in the 1800s.

Alfa Romeo Shows the coat of arms of Milan. It is also related to the crusades that’s why there’s a cross. A snake on the right is eating a certain figure that may be a child or a Saracen.

Buick is rooted from the coat of arms of the Buick family with Scottish origin. In it three shields colored red, blue and silver. Each shield has a white diagonal line from the upper left to the lower right part of each shield. It is the latest revision of the logo. The shields represent the three Buick models in production at that time, which are the LeSabre, Invicta and Electra.

Citroen the only thing I’ve got about this is that the two chevrons are meant to represent gear teeth for the reason that the founder of this, who is Andre Citroen started in the business by building gear wheels.

Cizeta logo shows a wolf’s head, which is a Tiberian she-wolf that fed Romulus and Remus. These two are the orphaned children of Mars, who founded Rome. The colors blue and yellow are the colors of Modena, Italy, where the company is founded before moving to its present location. The name is the founders initial when said in Italian.

Fiat Logo was what the designer saw against the sky while driving past the factory one night during a power outage. The spaces were the light he saw between the letters he saw.

Koinnegsegg logo is the phantom symbol on it is a mark of respect to the Swedish air force squadron that operates outside the airbase where the factory of this company is located.

Lotus logo. The letters above are the initials of its founder, who is Anthony Colin Bruce Chapman. Lotus name’s history is unknown. The background is green due to the British Racing Green. During hs days, green is the color of British cars. The yellow signifies the hope that lies ahead for the company.

The only thing known about the Morgan Motor Company’s logo is that the wings are inspired by Captain Ball, who said that to drive a Morgan three-wheeler is the nearest thing to flying on the ground.

Panoz logo. It was designed by Daniel Panoz, the company founder. Since it was an American company the colors red, white and blue are incorporated on it. There is a Yin-Yang symbol that signifies balance and symmetry. The company and the founder’s Irish root is represe

Venturi logo was in 1989 when this latest logo was chosen. In it a gerfalcon that is set on a glove that means mastery. Above it is the sun of the region Loire. What’s left of the original logo is the oval on it. The V shape on it is a tribute to France.

Sources: @ hit the road by Rob Braun