When it’s time to repaint your car, there are several things that you need to consider. You want to ask yourself what you like and dislike about the current colors, and why. Are they too dark or too light? Too bright or too dull? The truth is, your choice of colors reflects your personality and idiosyncrasies. You might be taking colors for granted but without you knowing it, they tell stories about you.

Here are some tips to guide you all throughout the painting process.

  • Check out the Colors Matter website. Scientific studies have shown that colors can make a psychological impact in your life.
  • Choose a safe color. Studies show that the safest color for cars are lime yellow. This color is not widely available or aesthetic for most cars. White is highly visible at night and an appealing look on most cars.
  • Choose a classic color. They say black is a classic color. This is true on cars as well. Black cars are easily visible in daylight, but they show dirt quickly and are less noticeable at night or in the rain.
  • Go for a popular color. Silver has been the most popular car color for many years. This is said to be the best color because it reflects the light at night and is visible like white. However, due to its popularity, some people might shy away from the same color as everyone else and at dusk or in the fog it has been reported that the color tends to fade into the pavement and appear invisible to oncoming traffic.
  • Go for a color that hides dirt. Sand and beige colors hide dirt, but do not draw much attention. Also this color leads to danger when you are out in traffic.
  • Choose a color that stands out. Blue and green stand out more and are both well liked and calm colors.
  • Go for sexy red. This popular choice looks great on sports cars, but also can imply speed. Study shows that red cars attracts the notice of police and leads to tickets and accidents reportedly more than any other car color. Fact: Some insurance companies even increase your premium if you choose to drive a red vehicle, something to consider.