One great way in customizing your car is by tinting the lights. To do this, there are a few steps to follow. It can be done in less than an hour provided with the right things needed like:

  • VHT Niteshades (or other black transparent paint)
  • 1 can of clearcoat paint
  • 600 & 1500 grit sandpaper
  • painters tape

Follow these steps and you’ll surely attain the best tinted lights ever!

  • The first thing you need to do is to scrub the lights and make it clean. Just be sure not to get the electrical components wet.
  • With the use of 600 grit sandpaper sand the light in the desired areas you wish to tint.
  • Then wipe away any plastic debris removed during the sanding process with the use of a wet rag.
  • Tape-off the areas which you do not wish to be tinted in the light assembly.
  • Place lights in a well ventilated area with as little dust as possible.
  • Hold the can UPRIGHT about 12-15 inches away from the lights. Apply the basic coat. Don’t go too thick on the coats.
  • Wait for 15-20 minutes between each coat. Sand the coat with 1500-2000 grit sandpaper if desired to remove any imperfections in the paint job. Apply as many coats as you wish until desired darkness is reached.
  • After letting the final coat of nightshades dry for 30 minutes or so. Then you can now apply clear coat in the same manner as the tint spray. Apply 2-3 coats of clear coat. Let the lights dry for a few hours after the process is complete.
  • Then reinstall the light in your car.

Warnings and Tips

  • When using the spray tint, spray many light coats instead of heavy ones because the tint will easily run.
  • You can put stickers to add designs in your light. Remember to remove it before you spray the clear coat.
  • Don’t spray heavily. Many light coats will render a much better project.

[source: eHow]