Air filter is a filtering device used in removing contaminants like solid particulates and microorganisms from air. This device is used in application where the quality of air is greatly needed like in vehicle’s intake system. The quality of air in the engine is important since it is needed in the burning process of fuel. Furthermore it is responsible in filtering abrasive elements that coming inside the engine that can cause wear and oil contamination.

There are some components would self-destruct if they were not protected by filters.

  1. Crank case vent filter– Prevents dirt from entering crankcase.
  2. Air filter– Keeps abrasive dust, dirt, bugs and other foreign matter out of the engine air intake.
  3. Engine oil filter – Traps dirt, metal filings and sludge, allowing only filtered oil to circulate through the engine.
  4. Transmission filter– Collects dirt and metal filings, protecting finely machined parts.
  5. Fuel filter– Traps rust, sediment, dirt and other particles which may enter the fuel system and clog tiny jets.
  6. Vapor canister– Collects gasoline vapors and returns them to the fuel system.

Considering the importance of air filter in keeping your engine away from damages due to corrosive elements, the device needs to be in near perfect condition all the time. That is why better check if your vehicle has a clogged air filter. You may clean the filter and wash it up if it is still in good shape to prevent clogging in the intake system.

It is always a good idea to check your owner’s manual for car manufacturer’s recommendations about specific intervals to replace your stock filters. However, In moments that the air filter is severely damaged and it’s not efficient in filtering impurities in air, its time to acquire a new one even if its not yet the period to replace it.