Reducing the chance of brake fade in your car’s braking system is important. It helps a lot in prolonging the life of your braking system components. Brake fade usually occurs when you apply brakes most especially when you are carrying heavy loads or once you are speeding up. While there is no way to eliminate brake fade all together, there are several things you can do to reduce it. Here are some of the steps you can practice to help minimize brake fade:

1. When you are traveling down hill, select the lower gear other than applying the brakes to slowdown the vehicle. In cases of a vehicle with automatic transmission, you should apply the brakes first before switching to a lower gear.

2. When braking, “tapping” the brakes, as opposed to constant application, gives the brakes an opportunity to cool between applications therefore reducing brake fade.

3. After you have replaced the brakes, try not to over-brake or put too much strain on them within the first 100-150 miles. TIP: High performance brakes and rotors provide better stopping power with less brake fade due to higher quality materials that increase friction while decreasing the amount of concentrated heat applied to the brakes.