Here are some tips for a hassle-free towing. Hope this one helps you.

  1. If you are stranded near an intersection or an address, remember to give the address not the directions. The tow guy would surely ask direction later if they are unfamiliar about the site.
  2. Do not assume that the towing guy would be there in less than an hour, unless otherwise if there is a emergency.
  3. Make sure that your car is accessible for towing. If it is blocked by another car, clear the way if you can. However, if there’s a problem getting to the car, let the tow guy know in advance because sometimes he needs a different truck or will need to schedule for a later pickup time.
  4. Locate the key of the vehicle before the truck pulls up to a house. If ever there are any keys on the ring, remove them. If the key are left for an unattended pickup, don not lock the door.
  5. Be sure to remove important stuff before the tow guy hooks up and drive away.
  6. If there are any instruction you want to give to a garage or a mechanic communicate with them or leave a note on the driver’s seat. Sometimes telling a tow guy to pass the message on to the mechanic gets lost in the translation.
  7. Don’t assume the tow guy will take a check.
  8. Do not stand in the way giving hand signals unless requested.
  9. Mostly, trucks can carry one or two person, if there are four people in a vehicle make an arrangement for the overflow
  10. Don’t wait until the car is already hooked up to say you are part of a motor club.
  11. Don’t call for a tow/jump start if you are going to continue to try to fix the car/get it started yourself.
  12. Don’t expect the driver to make a diagnosis or repair.
  13. Make sure all the parts that you took off while trying to fix it yourself are reinstalled properly before the car is haul off down the road.
  14. Don’t try to “help” by putting the car in neutral with the brakes off, the car will roll away into a house and it will be your fault.
  15. Don’t tell the driver how to tow your car. He has probably done it a couple times more than you have.

When your friendly tow truck driver gets to your vehicle, remember that he is there to help and not piss you off.