For me traveling with my laptop is very important. I set my schedule on it, my appointments, my emails, presentations and everything! Even my dog’s schedule is in my laptop!

There are several things that you need to consider when you carry a laptop while traveling. The following tips will help make sure this can work:


  • Be sure that you use the same software on your laptop computer that you use on the desktop in the office. Why? Because it is frustrating to change versions or even brands of programs. It sure does set your day off if you’re trying to work on something that didn’t open in your laptop because of program incompatibility.
  • Remember to load the latest anti-virus software onto you computer before leaving home. This is because many hotels and airport terminals do not encrypt their Internet connections. You can easily get a virus at one of these locations.
  • Boot disks should not be overlooked. As much as possible bring them along with you. You should also bring the registration number that will be required when you have to re-install your programs. You may never know when is the time that you need to reinstall some important programs in your laptop.


  • Bring along electrical adapter plugs, especially if you travel overseas. REMEMBER: if you can not plug in, your system is lost.
  • Phone cord, for the Internet connection, or your wireless access data card.
  • Bring along an extra battery.


. In order to prepare for your trip, load your passwords onto a computer file or write them down in a small notebook. Sometimes its hard for us to remember our passwords, but this ones is important in opening files and other things you’re doing in your laptops.

Prevent Theft

To keep your computer from being stolen, consider disguising it while you are traveling. Place it in a backpack or other unconventional tote bag. Such gadgets like laptops are easy to carry and to hide that is why it is easy to be stolen, how many black computer bags are seen being carried through the airports every day? Once you have arrived in your destination, don’t leave your laptop out while you’re away from the room. Consider investing in a motion alarm, which will sound when the baggage is carried a certain distance away from you.

Traveling with a laptop is such a frustrating experience, but then… its not suppose to be that hard. With a little planning and preparedness, you will be ready to work on your computer no matter where your travel takes you.