Just last Sunday my brother customized his Mustang by means of installing a larger tires. Well, at first his kinda confuse what kind of tires he would buy. We spend the whole morning surfing the net and look for auto parts store where will we gonna buy a new extra large tire for his mustang when we stumbled on a some tips on how to buy oversized tires. Well, for your benefits, I have included here on my post some important tips which you may find beneficial when you have decided to oversize the tires of your car.

  • Measure the fender wells on before you buy oversized tires. Remember that some oversized tires just won’t fit. This can be determined beforehand saving you from having to make a return trip.
  • Trim your wheel arches if you want to buy oversized tires that your vehicle wouldn’t otherwise accommodate. you can do this if you don’t want to spend much to hire a mechanic.
  • Decide if you want highway or off-road tires. THE REASEON: Off-road tires work fine on the highway but never use highway tires off-road as you risk getting stuck. Also, there is a difference in cost between these two oversized tires.
  • Buy the oversized tires at a reputable dealer. A BIG CHECK FOR THIS TIP! Make sure the oversized tires aren’t so big that they compromise the safety of your vehicle. REMEMBER to Ask about a warranty.
  • Arrange for installation of the oversized tires on your vehicle. THIS TIME you are required to hire a mechanic for you need to use special machinery.
  • Purchase a spare oversized tire. FOR EMERGENCY! An average spare won’t work on your vehicle due to the height of the oversized tires. You can keep the tire deflated for space conservation and carry along a small compressor to inflate the tire if needed.