There are several instances when I have brought the wrong tire for my car. Each time I have bought the wrong car my daddy would say.. “ How many times do I have to tell you to check the specs of your car and check the tire you are going to buy?” Well… as usual, his words just come inside my ear and come out to my other ear LOL! Am such a tease! Anyway just this weekend, the same incident happen, I have bough the wrong tire! WHAAAAA! For me to avoid such kind of mistake again, I have researched on some tips on how to buy a new tire and avoid being mistaken.

  • Think likely when tires need to be replaced. Examine the tread depth every 3,000 miles and shop around before you need to replace them.
  • Decide likes and dislikes of current tires. Softer tires drive more comfortably, but they’ll wear faster. Firm tires are rigid and noisy, but they grip the road well.
  • Know your tire’s speed rating. Purchase tires at that rating or higher. You can find it in your driver’s manual.
  • State the weather and terrain you usually drive through to the service provider. For example you often drive through chunky snow, you may need snow tires, but these should only be used when snow is on the ground; they don’t drive well on dry roads. Pn the other hand if you drive through construction or unpaved roads, you may need firmer tires for the rough terrain. There are different types of tire suitable in every road configuration and climate, so be wise! Use the right tire to use in different driving environment.
  • Check steering, suspension and brakes at a full service center. This check up prevents problems left over from your old tires causing unnecessary wear on your new tires. By doing so, you can prevent premature damages to your new car. Thus you’ll vaoid g\frequent tire replacement. Remember: Discount stores don’t have the capability to check for problems beyond tire replacement.
  • Purchase a road hazard agreement. A lifetime plan covers tire maintenance, such as balance and rotation, and will save you money on tire repairs. By doing so, you’ll spend your money wisely. You’ll not be compromise with over spending!

Thanks to ehow for this amazing tips! Next time I am confident that i can get the right tires for my car..FINALLY! LOL!