Now that gas become more and more expensive, one should know some of the ways in saving gas.

  • When the car windows are down, gas mileage decreases because the wind that comes inside creates resistance against the wind making the car to work harder when accelerating. It is more advisable to use the outside air vent to have fresh air inside because the air conditioning operations could lower the gas mileage, too.
  • Driving too fast like driving at a speed of over 60 usually waste too much gas, that is why it would be best if you drive at a sustainable speed. If in case you have a car with an overdrive, use it. this overdrive thing can cause your engine to use much lesser gas
  • As much as possible, keep your gas tank full. It is because when the tank has lesser gas, more space is created making it easier to vaporize. Take note also that a cooler temperature lessens the chance of vaporizing the gas.
  • Braking slowly can save gas. So, try learning how to brake slowly by means of letting your foot off the gas and little by little decrease the speed before having a brake.
  • Remember that weaving in and out of the traffic and fast acceleration could lower gas mileage up to one third. So avoid doing those.
  • Maintain you car in good condition to keep the engine running smoothly. Clean the filters, properly inflate the tires, and regularly change oils to help lengthen gas mileage.
  • Keep you car clean always. Don’t have an extra load in it for extra weight in your car could also affect gas mileage.
  • Before going on a trip, make a planning first. You can surely save gas as well as save time. By doing this, you can also prevent your car to early wear and tear.
  • Use a public transportation to help lengthen gas mileage.
  • Before purchasing a new car, research for cars that have longer gas mileage. Don’t just pay for a head-turning one!