Last Sunday, i baby sit my niece Ella because my brother and his wife Maureen went to a wedding. Ella is 5 years old and loves eating chocolates, sundaes and fries. After eating her chocolates, she ask me to bring her at the mall and buy her a cookie monster stuffy which i promised to give her. So, before we left home and go to the nearby shopping mall i brought a vanilla flavored sundae and fries for her….We had a pretty good time shopping. We spend the whole afternoon at the mall. It such an exhausting day… after i have decided to bring her home, i manage to skip dinner and go directly to bed.

In the morning while i am preparing my car before going to office, i notice stains and stinky smell inside the cabin. Its not surprising anyway, because you cannot avoid such annoyances if you have kids with you when traveling. Thanks to i find few steps on how to clean this stinks out of my car. I have fallowed a few steps and POOF! the smell is gone!

Things needed

Vinegar, white or apples cider will do, water, mild dish soap, squirt bottle


  1. Locate the item that is causing the smell and get it out of the car. Cheetos, French fries or chicken nuggets can be swept away or vacuumed gone. Spills need extra attention.
  2. Lightly spray half vinegar, and part soap and part water where the smells are.
  3. Scrub or wipe with cloth where necessary. Let it air dry.

Vinegar is a strong scent BUT it dissipates as it dries so don’t worry. It is also a natural disinfectant. So if your child poops his car seat or gets car sick, remember the vinegar!

Warning and Tips

  • Don’t get in your eyes or ingest
  • This works on cigar smoke, puke smells and poop smells.
  • Does not work on cats or skunks.

The above mentioned procedures are effective in removing stinky smell in my car, however, my friend Susan told me that she had follow these steps and the smell is still there. I guess there are some smells and stinks which cannot be removed by this procedures. You can try other alternatives and i recommend, there you can find several tips on how to keep your car clean and always in shape.