According to the study released by Erie Insurance, most of the teens think they are good drivers. In fact almost all of them admitted that they are texting while driving. The survey asked 2,127 licensed drivers with the age 16 to 19 about their driving behaviors. The results where:

  • Cell phone use among teens while driving is 76%
  • 57% admit to texting “sometimes” or to often reading or sending text messages while driving
  • 93% of teens play loud music when they drive
  • 48% admit they’re easily distracted when friends are passengers
  • 91% think they’re good drivers
  • 34% say their friends are good drivers
  • 97% have witnessed other teens take risks while driving

Many adult drivers perform poorly on the road with cell attached firmly to ear. What do you think? Alarming trend or no big deal? 😀