I’m planning to buy a new car… because I find my Chevy not that reliable at times most especially when traveling long distances. I have stumbled on a write up about some tips on shopping a new car. I want a car that would surely suit my personality, my driving environment and of course the one that will suit my needs. I usually bring a lot of cargoes, like when I’m going to gym, when playing ice hockey, and bowling with my friends. I want a car with enough space to accommodate all my belonging.

Here are the few tips I’ve got form cars.com 🙂

Small, Inexpensive Cars


  • You often get decent mileage.
  • These cars are generally easier to park.


  • You won’t have a ton of luxury amenities.
  • You’ll lose time loading everything because it has to go in just so.

Many automakers offer hatchbacks and wagons. Those are the best choices in this category. You have a smaller space that can accommodate up to four persons, and also you have enough space for your belongings. This car is suitable to those who has seldom drive along with friends.

Small/Midsize Crossovers


  • They are bigger cars you can load all the things you want to carry
  • You’re more likely to find all-wheel-drive vehicles. 😉


  • Gas mileage usually takes a hit.
  • It’s much harder to store things on the roof, if that’s your thing. It’s too high in the air.

This is probably the best category for shoppers who want to go out and play, but also want to keep their stuff inside the car when they travel.

Full-Size SUVs


  • Cargo space is massive, so you can bring all your toys.
  • Often, you get more luxury items as standard equipment.


  • As a rule, your gas mileage will suck.
  • Load height can be a problem.
  • Parking will definitely become an issue.

Whether or not this category is where you want to begin you search depends on the things you mostly do and who’s often with you. If you’re driving with kids and refuse to buy a van, this is probably what you’re left with.