Here’s a great news for Chevy lovers like me! General motors plans to launch Chevrolet Captiva by the end of the year. It would be available in 2400cc petrol as well as 2000cc diesel engine. The company further impose that the Captiva SUV that they will be launching is employed with automatic transmission making it the only diesel soft roader.

“GM’s Chevrolet brand entered the Indian market five years ago and is ranked fifth in sales there. It sells mini cars and sports utility vehicles built for the Indian market. These vehicles, including the Chevrolet Spark mini car and the Captiva sports utility vehicle, are not sold in the United States.” said Karl Slym, the president and managing director of General Motors India.

The Captiva as I have recalled has sold 200 units last month making to fall second to the Honda CRV. It has been reported that the missing automatic transmission made the customers opt for other models. With this, the company come out with Captiva employed with the automatic transmission.

Captiva’s initial model is employed with only manual transmission and simple front wheel drive. On the other hand, the newly improved model that GM will be launching in the end of the year comes with four wheel drive and is geared to give superior performance and more fuel efficiency. The company’s goal is to add new feature in the debuting Captiva while keeping the price factor under check.