There are a bunch of items you can put into your trunk. You won’t use these items every time you drive, but you would surely appreciate that you have bring it along with you when you have a problem. None of these things are expensive. In fact you can have it in the local auto parts store with such a very low prices. Plus, most of them won’t occupy much space in your car. There’s no excuse to avoid buying these items and keeping them in easy-to-reach places on every trip. 🙂

  • Fire extinguisher. You can check the extinguisher regularly to make sure that it is charged and ready for use.
  • Complete tire-changing setup. You’ll need a lug wrench, a jack and spare tire.  😉 Remember: Check the air pressure in your spare tire when you check out the other four tires.
  • Flashlights are handy even during daylight hours. Have these illuminating gadgets inside your trunk. You will never know when you might need this.
  • Empty gas can. Keep a brand-new can in the trunk a one-gallon can helps you get enough fuel to reach the next gas station.
  • Basic first-aid kit. You should have bandages, tweezers, over-the-counter painkillers and antibiotic ointments.
  • Keep a compact shovel in your trunk. This will help you dig out if you’re stuck. You can find camping-style shovels at most sporting-goods stores.
  • Jump-starting kit in their trunks. This standalone device jumps a dead battery without the need of another car. This might be the most expensive on the list, but it’s faster and safer than waiting for a stranger to stop and offer help.
  • Road flares or reflective triangles. If you break down on a curve in a dangerous spot, or in dark places, you need to warn other drivers with your presence.