The easiest way to keep your car clean and perfectly in shape is to regularly send it to car wash. But…. Washing your car at an automated car wash should not only be done as an absolute last resort because it is the one-stop-shop to damage your delicate paint job. To keep your car looking great, the best solution is to clean it by hand. By doing so, you are rest assured that your car’s paint job would not be scratched. Also, doing car wash using your hands can actually be very therapeutic. The repeated motions almost acting as medication when done properly can be very stashing! Here’s how to send your car in a do-it-yourself car wash. 😉

First is to wash your car with water. In this step all you need to have is two buckets. Your first bucket should be filled with hot or cold water and the recommended amount of cleaning product. The second bucket should be filled with plain water and will be used to rinse out the applicator, ensuring that you don’t contaminate your wash mixture with dirt.

In olden days a yellow sponge is used to wipe the surface of cars, but its obsolete now! For bets result a wash mitt should be used. The reason: the sponge has a flat surface that can collect grains of dirt or specs of grit that, when rubbed across your cars bodywork, cause minute scratches and ‘swirl marks’ that ruin the look of your paintwork. The wash mitt on the other hand avoids be accumulating with grads and dirt trapping anything harmful into its deep pile of fibers and then removing when you rinse it in your second bucket.:p

Rinse your car with water. Using a separate mitt or soft sponge, clean the wheels with an alloy wheel cleaner or some of your wash mixture and ensure that any loose dirt under the wheel arches has been removed.

With the car wet, start to work at the top then downwards. Side-to-side strokes are perfect for the washing phase and pressure should only be used on any tough spots you may come across. Remember to rinse in the second bucket regularly.

Then now, drying your car. Many people ignore this step, preferring to let the car dry on its own. This has a negative result. The water will dry in patches, making the car look as bad as it did before you started! The microfiber towel is far more absorbent than a chamois ( you should know that…. ) The use of this towel make drying process quick and painless.If you can find a microfiber mitt, then the drying takes mere moments, with a great finish. Remember: a different microfiber towel should be used for the wheels.

After you dry your car, you can polish it to make it shinier. You can also clay it to remove contaminant in its surface that the usual cleaning won’t do. In this step, just be sure to apply your polish with an applicator pad that may come with the product itself, or can be purchased separately. Again, the same brands as the car wash are recommended. Claying your car may be time consuming… but in the end.. you’ll see the best results!

Now the finishing touches! After your car us completely dried and polished, here’s a way for you to make your car really stand out. First the wheel require a good buff up and a product for blackening the tires can be used, then a good glass polish will make your windows shine too.

See… having a do-it-yourself car wash is more satisfying that sending your car in the automated car wash. You can prevent your car’s paint job from scratches. You can also save money for cutting trips to car wash!