One morning, my Chevy’s doors set my mood off because of the over tighten hinges. Well, at first I decided to have a door replacement, but when I consult my dad about the matter, he said that I can avoid the costly job of replacing it by repairing it asap! So my dad does the repair because I don’t know how to do it. I manage to just observe him while doing the job.

The first thing that my dad does is he disarms the air bag system. He refers to my vehicle’s maintenance guide for information on how to do this in my Chevy. Then he roll the window down and open the door all the way. He supports the door with the jack stands and rag to keep the stand from scratching the paint. Then he loosens the bolts of the hinges. Afterwards, he checks the alignment of the door. The top of the door should be aligned with the roof of the vehicle. The bottom of the door should be flush with the lower rocker panel.

Loosening the hinges of my Chevy sure does an easy thing to do. The next time I have experience an over tight hinges, I can do it my self.. ciao!