Aston Martin and Mercedes might join forces to develop new breed of vehicles employed with newly designed engines for a better performance. The car maker might even go into the wild by selling branded merchandising.

In one of the interview of Automotive News with Adham Charanoglu, business development manager for Investment Dar, which is a shareholder of the British car maker, said that the company has negotiated with Mercedes and with LVMH’s Louis Vuitton and PPR’s Gucci.

It sure does a great move for both the British and German car makers to join forces since both of them has proved its ability to design and engineer expensive cars and branded merchandising. Nonetheless, Charanoglu has set a plan to increase the company’s sales from £50 million to £150 million. It is such a great plan for both the company. On the other hand, Aston Martin will increase its production 7,000 last year to 8,000 this year.

Aston Martin and Mercedes are renowned with their expensive vehicles that showcase both style and performance. However, do you think the two car makers would stand in the long run? Well, surely they would stand together and continue to produce superior models of vehicles that would bring life to very road worldwide.