Nowadays most teenagers want to have a car of their own…. (my dad buy me a car when I was 18… J) So, for Dad and Mom to find the best cars for teens hope these tips can help you.

Think safety. Since inexperienced teenage drivers are at the highest risk of getting in an accident, safety should be your number one concern as you look for a suitable car. To avoid compromising your teens unsafe driving try to consider these things.

  • Choose the newest car model that is affordable. New models have newer features, thus it surely give your teens their necessities.

  • Pick a vehicle that has good crash protection. This should be one of the most important criteria when choosing a vehicle for your teen.

  • Choose a stable vehicle. There are vehicles which are less stable like SUVs.

  • Avoid picking sports cars or high performance vehicles, especially those with turbo-charging. This will reduce the chances of your teenager being in a speed-related accident.

Do your research. Be precise of the specs and other details of the vehicle you want to purchase. Do this before you step foot into dealership.

Be practical. Your teenager may want a flashy sports car or a sleek SUV, but these are not the safe to drive. A mid-sized vehicle can be a good idea!

Verify the history of the vehicle if you are planning to buy a used car. Once you have chosen a vehicle at a car lot, research the car’s accident and maintenance records.

Hope the above mentioned tip may help you to purchase the bets vehicle suitable for your teens. Just remember after you have purchased the ideal car, teach your teen during the first test drive how to drive I n a moderate speed with regards to the current situation in the road. Driving too fast or too slow increases the probability of accidents