Last Monday, I have this problem about my wearing out shifting balls and boot in my Chevy. Well, living alone can be so hard… without my dad and bros around… no one to do such auto repairs for me. That is why I manage to do the repair myself.

First, I inspect the area where the shifting ball and boot is located. Well at first I’m confident that a repair can resolve the problem but then, when I show it to a friend he said replacement could be the best thing to do. So I have decided to purchase a new set of shifting ball and joint in the nearby auto store.

Before starting the installation I have prepared the toolbox and wear my working clothes. When I am perfectly prepared, I have done the following steps.

Step1. Undo the bottom of the old boot (it will be around the base fairly tight)

Step2. Unscrew the ball counter-clockwise the boot will be attached
it will twist for a long time but hang in their

Step3.After the old ball and boot is off follow the directions that came with the new kit the are all different so you are on your own