Choosing dashboard can be tough sometimes most especially when you have to pick among several choices. There are a few tips for you to know ob hoe to choose what best suits your vehicle.

  • Make sure that the dashboard cover will perfectly fit in you dash. There are several covers designed to fit in specific car model… so be sure to identify the one the will fit your car best!
  • BE sure that the cover you will choose us durable…. Style comes next. There are covers made from plastic that offers both durability and style. Plus, these plastic covers can be painted to further enhance its appearance.
  • Consider the quality of the cover you will purchase. With velour, the edges and vents should be trimmed, with smooth, flowing curves. The edges of these covers should be properly trimmed with no exposed foam.
  • Choose a cover that has a good warranty. Many come with a lifetime warranty.
  • Be certain that the covers is not just affordable, it should guarantee an easy-to-install feature.
  • Many covers need very little care and maintenance, as much as possible choose the one that take a lesser time for maintenance!