Installing an additional lighting in your vehicle’s interior can help you in giving your car a personal touch. There are absolutely several ways to do so, one way is to pale neon tubes under your car seats and place a stylish glow near your feet. Putting such accessory can be tricky at times most especially when you did not do the installation well.

There are several steps in doing the installation but before that, you have to pick a neon color that will match the color scheme of your interior. You have to purchase a a pair of 4 inch neon tubes.

After you have purchased the needed material, you can start the installation right away. The first thing that you need to do is to look underneath the seats and determine the moving parts. These parts should be identified carefully because you have to avoid these moving parts when putting the neon tubes. Then after inspecting the seat’s moving parts remove the neon tubes in the packaging and stretch out the wires.

Place neon under the seat and attach it to the seat with two plastic zip ties. Then begin route the wires remember to avoid the moving parts and toward the exterior of the car. Continue routing the wire underneath the plastic door molding. You should not need to remove the molding, simply push the wires underneath it. The last thing you need to do is to . Plug the power adapter into your cigarette lighter.