My dog Moymoy and I have been together for such a long time. We play a lot and travel together… its not obvious that i am a dog and car lover… :)) Most often, when I’m visiting my relatives in New Jersey, i bring my dog with me. Just like what i have mentioned on my previous post “Traveling with my Dog MoyMoy” there are several preparation you need to do in order to make your ride with your dog convenient and hassle-free. Now i have find out more information for you to do when traveling with your pets… (not just dog.. :))

  • Pack a small bag of familiar items for your pet. Include your pets bedding and favorite toys. This will help you ensure your pet’s comfort on the trip. Also, this would help in keeping your pet occupied and prevent boredom.
  • Be sure to bring your pet’s rabies certification, collar ID tag, and vet’s phone number along. This things is useful once your pet is lost, by means of referring in the dog tag, its finder can contact you as soon as possible.
  • Be sure to visit your veterinarian 5 days or less before you leave on your trip and ask for two copies of a pet acclimation certificate. You need to do this because the information on the certificate must be current.
  • Different states have different laws governing how to transport animals in the car. The safest way, for you to travel with your pet, is to have them in an approved carrier, cage or restraint.
  • If your pet is not restrained in a carrier, place an old blanket on the place where the carrier will be paced. This will protect your seats from pet hair and also possible accidents and car sickness. “ I usually cover my seats with a throw pillow from my house–a blanket will also work–because it has a familiar scent that your pet will recognize..”
  • Bring plenty of water, food, doggie treats, and all their other necessities, such as leashes and bowls. Your pet might be get hungry along your travel.
  • If going on an extended trip, find pet-friendly hotels before you leave so you don’t find yourself on the road with no place to take your furry friend overnight. You can use the internet and surf for hotels that accommodate pets.
  • Also, research for pet hospitals or veterinary clinics to the places you’ll be traveling through. By doing so, you’ll know just where to go when there is an emergency.
  • Bring along paper towels or some old cloth towels to clean up any spills made by your pet.
  • While you are traveling with your pet you will need to make sure that you stop, so that your pet can exercise.
  • Go to the pet or health food store before you leave on your trip to buy homeopathic calming drops for your animal companion. Calming drops can be added to your pet’s food or water or placed directly on the tongue and will help keep your pet calm. With this, you’ll prevent your pet from acting furiously along your travel.
  • REMEMBER to put a label sticker on your pet’s crate if you are bringing it with you. The sticker should be secure and not easily removed. You can cover it with clear mailing tape to make absolutely sure it stays put. You could attach a luggage tag to your pet’s crate as an alternative

There are several ways that you can do for you to travel with your pet conveniently. All i have mentioned above is applicable in all kinds of domestic pets. Remember your pets are just like the rest of us, they also need protection and care. Hope this would help you to have an enjoyable travel with your pets!