Yesterday, I have just brought a new car… a 1-year old Chevy! Well anyway… are you planning to buy a new car also, but you don’t know how to have the bets buy??? Well… let me tell you how I have purchased a new Chevy feeling satisfied that I’ve got the best deal ever!

If you are purchasing a used car, think if it will cost you hundreds of dollars just for repairs and maintenance then decide if it will be worth your investment. There are several car dealers that you can contact to inquire for a car to purchase. You can also read reviews online and ask family, friends and colleagues what they know about these dealers offering used cars. If you are satisfied with the information you have gathered, you can visit the dealer and check out for the car you will purchase. You can do necessary check up in the vehicle and ask for a test drive. It is important that you are the one driving the car for you to know if you are comfortable in manipulating the wheels. You can find it helpful if you check out the following tips I have included here in my blog. Just read on.. J

The first thing that I did before purchasing a used car is to do necessary surveys and comparing of prices. From this, I have the chance to pick the best deal in low price. Then get a second opinion… because you’re might have missed some important details in purchasing the right car…I considered by dad’s opinion about the new car that I will buy, and amazingly he gave me some important pointers. Then finally, before I closed the deal, I have done a few inspections in the new car. There are several features and pointers I have considered…

I checked the engine if it runs smoothly…. I have done a few minutes of drive test. Along my drive I observed if the car has a good mileage. I checked if the lights — break lights, headlights and the tail lights. I also turned on the air condition if it if effective in cooling the cabin. I also checked if the windows are functioning properly. Also, I hit the breaks twice and checked if the brake pedal is a bit more than halfway to the floor. While test driving, make sure you make left and right turns, accelerate fast and slow, drive at least 60 mph and drive slow.. Make sure the steering is nice and tight. For best result… test drive the car over to your mechanic to have him check everything out, to be sure you did not miss anything.

Then after the test drive, I have inspected the exterior I run my hands in the door and body panels, checked for dents, paint chirping and discoloration, shape irregularities. I have checked the place near the radiator for different color paint. (If a car was in an accident, these are places that people often do not repaint.) From this, you’ll identify if the car you will purchase is significant to accidents.

I also checked the tires if it is evident for wears… if the wheels is in good alignment. I have checked the suspension if it is in firm condition. I also checked the transmission fluid, brake fluid and the steering power fluid. If any are low, look under the car for any signs of a leak.

After doing these necessary steps, you can now decide if you will close the deal or not. Decide whether if it would be a great deal or not. Feel free to ask the dealer about the background of the vehicle and other important details like the year of purchase, or if it have gone through an accident. From these you’ll have a hint if you’ll close the seal or not.