When you experience over heating your car’s engine you would surely know the worth of having your cooling system be checked regularly. Actually, there’s no need for a mechanic to have this specific system be checked. All you need to do is to know hoe to conduct a basics of conducting a minor check up in your vehicle.

When we said cooling system, the first thing that comes inside our head is the coolant. Today, my post is about checking your vehicle’s cooling system for coolant leaks. So, let us start the Coolant Check 101.

The first thing that you need to do is let your engine and cooling system cooled before you have a direct contact in its parts. By dong so, you can avoid serious injuries. When the engine and cooling system parts is not hot follow these steps.

· Locate your car’s coolant tank. ( if you don’t know where consult you car’s manual.)

· Inspect the coolant tank for holes, wears and other forms of damages that can trigger its storing capacity.

· Inspect all the connection points where hoses are attached to the coolant tank. Look for broken connections, hoses that are degrading and any cracks in the rubber of the hoses or gaskets. ( if there is a damage, fix the problem by draining the tank and replacing the damaged part and refilling the tank with coolant again.

· Start your ignition system and let another person press down the accelerator to create exhaust. Observe if there is a white smoke emerging from your car’s tailpipes. If there’s a white smoke emitted in the pipes, it is a clear indication that you have coolant leak.

There’s another way where you can check for leaks in your cooling system. Refill your car’s coolant tank and have it filled to maximum capacity. Then, have a few minutes of drive test. Then check your coolant level a few days later. Once the coolant levels are low or the coolant chamber has emptied, it is a clear indication that your coolant is leaking into another part of your engine.

If the leak occurred in the other part of the engine, and if you think that the repair is complicated, you can have it repair by a professional mechanic.