Usually car fire occurs due to minor collision and sometimes due to minor accidents like accidentally drop the cigarette in vehicle’s floor. Fires are deadly most especially if it eats out your vehicle including you. So here are some of the steps on how to prevent car fire.

  • Regularly check the fuel lines. BE SURE that it is free from cracks, splits, softness and deterioration.
  • Keep your engine compartment clean. It would be easier for you to find fuel leaks and other fluid that can be a source of fire.
  • Regularly replace fuel lines according to its replacement interval.
  • Clean your vehicle’s interior… floor and under the seats. Especially important for smokers; a lighted cigarette falling on trash could start a fire.
  • Buy a fire extinguisher and put it in a place where you can get it quickly.
  • Be aware of the proper installation of electronic equipments in your ride. A short circuit in wiring can overheat wires to the point where plastic insulation melts and surrounding materials catch fire.