The muffler in your vehicle is where the emission gases are released. Without this specific auto part your vehicle will be completely choked and damaged. Mufflers should always be in good working condition. You have to check it every once in a while for damages because, a damaged muffler aside from releasing dark emission it can be very noisy. In my post today, I have included the steps on how to checl your muffler for signs of damage. Here’s how.

  • First you need to have the things that you will use in the installation process: jack, gloves, flashlight, safety glasses, jack stand, ramps. Once you have gathered all the things you need in the repair, lift your vehicle by jacking it up. Caution: be sure that your vehicle is securely lift on the jack stand. Jacks can collapse without warning that may result to serious injury and death.
  • Slide under your vehicle. Remember to bring flashlight, wear your gloves and safety glasses.
  • Locate the muffler. Check for any signs of damage like rust, dents, loose connections and holes. If rust is evident determine how far it has eaten your muffler. Holes can sometimes be repaired but often times mufflers needs to be replaced if it has a hole.
  • With the use of the flashlight check around the top of the muffler, check for rust and holes as well. Caution: Watch out for sharp edges.
  • Check the exhaust hangers to see if it is broken. Exhaust hangers are rubber loops that mount the exhaust system to the vehicle.
  • Inspect the exhaust section attachments and a complete muffler check looks for loose connections.
  • After doing those procedures, your muffler check is complete! If you see that the damage is severe you need to replace it. But if the damage is minor, you can repair it. Just remember to check your muffler every once in a while to ensure that it is in a good working condition.