In my previous post, I have included ways to steal a car and how to avoid it. After doing a few readings I have finally found the best ways that drivers can do to avoid car theft. Actually these steps are based on a few articles in the net and I have combined all the necessary information.

1. The top on the list to prevent car theft is to install a car alarm. With the use of this device, you will be warned with car intruders.

2. Lock your cars at all times.

3. Park in well lighted areas and close to stores and other establishments.

4. Take your car keys with you all the time.

5. . Do not leave any valuables visible as temptation.

6. Close windows completely; do not leave any opening.

7. At home, park your car in the garage, if possible.

8. Park your car with the wheels turned sideways. These will make thieves harder to tow your vehicle.

9. Keep your vehicle registration and title at home; this prevents thieves from selling your car easily.

10. Apply the emergency brake every time you park. By doing so, it makes it harder for a car to be towed away by thieves.