Although summer is not that close, its better for your to know some important tips in preparing your car for summer drive. Well, the first thing you need to check for is your vehicle’s cooling system. This will help you avoid overheating in the middle of a long winding road under the hot summer sun. Do necessary repairs if needed. Keep your car’s antifreeze or coolant and transmission fluid levels filled to prevent overheating. Also, you need to test the car’s battery. High heat can put more strain on the battery. If your battery is weak its time for you to replace it. Rotate your tires if necessary to reduce the chance of flat tires. Also, check your tire pressure and tread often. Extremely high temperature thus, checks your tires as often as possible because heat can affect the air inside your tires, and maintaining the correct PSI can extend gas mileage.

Then after checking out the cooling system and the engine, check your vehicle’s cabin if it is convenient to live inside it under the hot summer sun. Check the air condition system if it is properly cooling the cabin. Then, tint your car’s window to lower the car’s interior temperature. By doing the tinting in your car’s window, you’ll not just attain a cooler ride, but also less gas consumption because of less use of air conditioner. You also need to check you steering wheel and cover it with a fabric cover to save your hands from burning. Lay towel on leather seats. You can burn your legs quite badly just by sitting down. Finally, pack and keep an emergency bag in the car. Be sure to include fluids for yourself and for the car. After doing these preparations, you’ll definitely have the best summer ride ever!