Things needed in keeping your car clean: plastic bags, container of anti bacterial wipes, container of specialized interior car wipes, tissue, handy vacuum, towels, seat covers, air freshener. Maybe you are wondering where these things will be used isn’t it? 🙂 Actually you don’t need these things in cleaning your car, 😉 these are some of the things you need to keep inside your car to minimize dirt and other elements that can mess up your clean car. 😀

  • plastic grocery bags – You will never know when they might come in handy to store stuff or to use as a trash bag.
  • towels – You will never know when you have to carry something that is prone to spilling or is dripping wet.
  • air freshener – to freshen up the scent of the car.
  • tissues – to wipe away small messes.
  • handy vacuum – for you to use whenever you need it. This can guarantee that even the smallest crumbs will not be hiding in your seats.