Attaining a brand new look for your car is easy by just having a paint job. If you just sent your car in the body shop and have it painted, there are a few things you need to recognize to save your investment from low quality paint jobs. Here are some of the pointers which you may find beneficial to find out if the car you acquire has a good paint job.

1. Examine the car’s paint to determine whether the paint is even in appearance or has areas that are lighter than others. Faded areas are a sign that the paint job is not done well.

2. The thicker the paint, the better the quality of the car paints. Choose a mechanical gauge containing a magnet when measuring car paint on steel

3. Use an eddy current device when measuring the quality of paint on other metals, including aluminum in your vehicle. A gauge that combined both a magnet and an eddy current can measure both steel and other metals

4. Test the quality of paint on plastic portions of your car with an ultrasonic device. The device generates a pulse and later will be converted into an electrical signal that measures the thickness of the paint.