According to the Environmental Protection Agency, driving conservatively can save about 5 percent around town and even more at higher speeds where engines are less efficient. Bottom line: The cost of driving is something you can influence by the actions you take every day.

In the post by Cogan, he tackles great ways in minimizing harmful gas emission when driving. He emphasized that the actions that the drivers do greatly affects the cost of driving. For you to drive your car and not to worry about its harmful effect to the environment here are the few steps that you can do.

1. Avoid quick starts and stops. An evenly distributed accelerator pressure always results in better fuel economy

2. Maintain an even speed with less variation in the accelerator pedal pressure with the use of a cruise control system. This step can be done when you are driving at highway speeds.

3. Be sure to use this at highway speeds if your car is equipped with an overdrive gear. With this, it allows your vehicle to maintain a certain low rpm engine speeds.

4. Drive in moderate speed when traveling long distances. According to the EPA, for every 5 miles per hour over 60 mph that you drive, the loss of efficiency means you’re paying the equivalent of about 20 cents more per gallon of gas consumed.

5. Do not carry unnecessary weight. By doing so, you are boosting your ride’s fuel efficiency.

6. Keep your tires aired up and remove cargo racks and carriers when unneeded. By doing so, your vehicle will have a good aerodynamics and air resistance that will result to a better fuel economy.

7. Cars create more emissions when the engine is cold. Combine more errands into fewer trips. By doing so you’ll not only save fuel, your car will also be generating fewer emissions.