In identifying  a leaky valve covers, you just need an engine degreaser, clean rags, safety goggles and flashlight. There are a few steps you need to do to fins out the part where this annoying leaks in your valve cover assembly occurs.

1. Locate the gasket between the engine block and valve cover. You should be able to freely run your finger tip along the entire seam and may have to detach wiring clips or small parts to gain this access.

2. Use your safety goggles for protection.

3. Spray the degreaser from above the gasket edge down along the side of the engine block.

4. Carefully hose or wash the degreaser off. Degreasing under the car where the oil may be dripping from is not necessary.

5. Run the car for five to ten minutes or take a short drive. A leak from the gasket will only occur while the car is running or after you have first turned it off.

6. Open the hood and inspect for possible leaks. Be careful the engine is hot.

7. Take a dry clean rag or heavy paper towel and using your flashlight or direct lighting slowly drag and dab the cloth along every inch of the gasket area and also just below it, checking often for any oil on the rag.

* If you picked up any oil on the rag, you have located your leak and should notate the exact sections you found the oil. If the rag turns up dry and oil free, your leak is coming from other engine parts.