Things needed: Screwdriver & new headlights

The first thing that you will do before going on the installation is to determine which light is burned out.

Step 1: You need to turn on your headlight and determine which headlight is burned out.

Step 2: Identify what kind of headlight that your car is being used. There are vehicles employed with a replaceable halogen bulb inside the headlight and there are some that needs a whole assembly replacement.

The procedure of installing a new headlight bulbs differs depending on what type of headlight assmebly you have.

Install a New Bulb

Step 1: Open the hood and find the wires that go into the back of the headlight.

Step 2: Twist the black plastic ring at the back of the headlight to release the bulb.

Step 3: Pull out the bulb and unplug it.

Step 4: Carefully take the new bulb out of the box without touching the glass part with your fingers . Plug it in and place the bulb back into the headlight.

Step 5: Twist the plastic ring back on and test the new headlight.

Replace an Entire Headlight Assmebly

Step 1: Unscrew the screws that secure the thin metal frame holding down the headlight. Remember: Do not turn the ones that have little springs behind them. You may not need to take out all the screws to remove the headlight. There are times that you can leave the frame hanging by 1 screw.

Step 3: Pull out the headlight in the frame of your vehicle and unplug it.

Step 4: Install now the new headlight bulb.

Step 5: Turn on the headlights to make sure the new light works. If not, repeat the previous step and check for signs of damage in the headlight assembly

Step 6: Put the metal frame back on and screw it down. A magnetized screwdriver will will make it easier to hold the screws in place.