After you’ve spent couple of hours washing and waxing your treasured vehicle, you look forward to giving it that final stroke, suddenly when you run your hand across the freshly waxed paint, it still feels gritty. Where’s this coarse texture from? It’s lying somewhere under that new coat of wax. There are several factors that contribute in the contamination of your vehicle’s paintjob like sir pollution, bird droppings, rain water and a few harmful contaminants. Surprisingly, even brand-new cars and trucks can suffer from paint contamination. So how do we remove these harsh paint-slayers from our vehicles’ finish? With the use of clay bar…. Maybe you are wondering how???

There are several car care products that manufacturer offer a clay-bar system. The clay works as it passes over a properly lubricated paint surface; it pulls and shears away contaminants. It acts as an exfoliant for your vehicle’s surface. Here’s how you do it.

1.      Start with a clean, dry vehicle, remembering to wash it with a cleaner formulated for automotive finishes. Avoid dishwashing detergents because they are made to remove grease from dishes, which means they will also remove wax from your paint.

2.      Spray a lubricant onto a two-to-three-foot section of the surface. Never use water, as it doesn’t offer the lubricating qualities needed to avoid paint damage.

3.      Using light pressure, rub the clay back and forth on the freshly lubricated section, overlapping each stroke. You should be able to hear the clay removing the contaminants. It may sound rough at first, but as contaminants are worn down, the tone and feel will get quieter and smoother.

4.      Reapply lubricant as needed to keep the area well saturated. The largest amounts of contaminants accumulate on the horizontal surfaces, so these areas take more time than the sides.

5.      .Wipe the area you just finished claying with a clean, soft, dry terry towel.

6.      Now that you’ve just stripped the paint clean of the bad stuff and opened up its pores, it’s vital to apply a protective coat of wax or sealer. A Carnauba wax is a good choice to apply after claying your vehicle.