To attain good ride quality in your vehicle, it should have a good suspension system. One of the components of the suspension system is the shock absorber. These shock absorbers play a very important role in maintaining car control and stability, ensuring comfortable rise and prolonging the life service of other components. Worn out and damaged shocks could be very risky when driving in harsh terrains. It increases braking distances, premature wearing of tires, and rough drive in the rain.

Shock absorber in vehicles usually comes in two types: gas-charged and conventional. Regardless of the types of this shock absorber, both are used to manage the movement of the suspension, and the action of the spring in particular, to maintain stability of the chassis and body even while road irregularities have the wheels pumping up and down madly. Considering the great importance of these devices in your vehicle’s stability and condition, you have to check it every once in a while for potential damages. But how can you deal with a shock absorber which is gone to shock heaven?

The first thing you need to do is get on your hands and knees and look for the shocks in your vehicle. Once you observe any oil seeping in either the outer tube or the piston rod, then……………. You need to find a replacement for a damaged shock absorber. One great way to scrutinize the effectiveness of the shock absorbers is to drive in a safe area like an empty parking lot, and run your car about 10mph. and then hit the breaks hard. Observe the reaction of you vehicle. Does the front end keep bobbing like one of those sipping birds on the side of a glass? If so, then its time for you to acquire a replacement.

When looking for a replacement, its up to you if you want to buy a genuine part or an aftermarket. You can take this opportunity to upgrade the capacity of your shocks with the use of quality replacements. There are brands that offer adjustability in their shock absorbers enabling the owner to tailor the shocks’ feel. However if you want to maintain the factory fresh ride, stick with the original parts. Just bear in mind that if you don’t want to dwell in a vehicle that is isn’t comfortable to ride with, repairs and replacement should always be at the top of you list. These shocks absorber if not replaced right away, it just not cost money your life as well.