A simple and easy carwash seemed to be a perfect idea in a bright weekend morning, but there’s a slight hazard with which a careless washer could harm the smooth finish of your vehicle. 😦 If it is carelessly wipe and waxed it leaves scratches and stains that could give you extra problem to solve. Thus, you need to be aware that these potential problems may occur after you send your treasured vehicle to car washing. For you to know, here is a list of some basic car washing does and don’ts that may help you to preserve your vehicle’s finish in best condition.

Don’ts……. 😐 Don’t wait to do a full wash if you see bird droppings, dead bugs, or other obvious contaminants building up on the paint surface. Particularly bird droppings have an acidity that could eat into your clear coat if left in a long time. If these bird droppings are left long enough, it causes scars that can only be removed with repainting. Clean this harmful debris once it gets contact with your vehicle’s surface as soon as possible, using either water or an instant-detailer type of product.

Do’s……….. 🙂 Rinse your vehicle off after a period of rainy weather if your region suffers from acid rain. The chemicals contained by the rainwater that is remained in the surface of your vehicle if evaporated, will leave a mark that can permanently stain your paintjob.