As the use of Automobiles become essential in the modern living, the problem of ensuring maximum safety for drivers & occupants, pedestrians & occupants of other vehicles become the main concern of everyone. Several researchers has indicated that there is no simple answer to the question of what causes traffic accidents. Each case of a car accident is complex, which involves more than one factor. Determining the cause often is difficult die to inadequate reports from police at the scene. In general, the cause le in one of three factors the driver, the car and the road.

Most safety authorities agree that driver’s condition 7 errors involve almost 90 percent of traffic accidents. In order to minimize the cases of accidents due to reckless drivers the American Automobile Association has recommended the following basic rules while drivers are in the road.

  • Be a sportsmanlike driver. Be courteous to every other driver and pedestrian.
  • Keep reasonable for existing condition
  • Reduce speed at sundown. Drive so that you can stop within the visibility range of your headlights.
  • Stay behind the car ahead of you at least one car length for each 10 miles per hour of speed.
  • Stay in your line at hillcrest and curves.
  • Be extra alert at intersections
  • Drive see as to protect pedestrian.
  • Do not drive so slowly that you impede traffic.
  •  Always give yourself enough time, Don’t hurry.
  • Get into the proper lane well in advance of turning.
  •  Don’t drive when angry or emotionally upset.
  • Yield your right of way to another driver if he is unsportsmanlike enough to try to bluff you.
  •  Use the rear view mirror frequently.
  •  Keep in the right lane except to pass.

Mechanical failures in cars like faulty brakes or tire blowouts become the one of the causes of accidents. To prevent cases of accidents due to these mechanical failures, The AAA recommends a number of pointers.

  • Are the front wheels aligned? Is the steering wheel free from excess play?
  •  Do the windshields work properly and wipe clean?
  •  Are the tires properly inflated? Do they have ample tread, and are they free from uneven tire wear & injury?
  •  Does the seatbelts installed properly?
  • Do all lights operate properly?
  • Are the rearview mirrors adjusted for a clearer view to the road behind.

The last factor that causes accidents in the road is the road. Poorly engineered streets & highways mainly contribute to traffic accidents. With this reason, drivers should be very cautious in following road signs, signals & marking. The AAA believes that by following guiding devices in the road would help to lower accident rate.