In my previous past I happened to talk about my personal favorite vintage cars. Yesterday I was having a research for my brothers history subject when I browsed on the page about antique vehicles . I have found out that antique vehicles are classified by date of production: pioneer cars, veteran cars, vintage cars, cars of 1920’s 7 car’s of 1930’s. in addition some cars are classified as “classic”.

Pioneer cars are self-propelled vehicle built through 1905. The oldest gasoline vehicle is a 2 cycle carriage built in 1875 by Sigfried Marcus 7 is preserved in Vienna Museum. The designer of the pioneer vehicles are Karl Benz & Gottlieb Llaimler of Germany.

Veteran cars are built between 1906 and 1912. At this time American makers begun producing machines like the European Models. These machines are the most highly prized by collectors today. Like the Pierce_Arrow, Simpler Packard, Mercer, Peerless, Lozier, Caddillac, Oldsmobile, Rolls-Royce, Peuglot & Napier.

Vintage cars are manufactured between 1913 & 1919. This period the self starter & electric lights are become standard in amost all vehicles some models had high speed engines of 6,8 & even 12 cylinders.

The other types of antique cars are produced on the later years & gaining popularity in almost all the collectors today.

United States

Arkansas – Museum of automobiles, morri

California – Briggs Cunnigham Automobile Museum, Costa Messa

Florida – Bellm’s Car of yesterday, Sarasota; early American Museaum, Silver springs

Indiana – Indianpolis Motor Speeding Museum, Speedway

Massachusets – Museum of Antique Automobile, Brooklyn.

Michigan – Henry Ford Museum, Greenfield Village, Dearborn

Missouri – Ozark Auto Museum, Camdenton

Nebraska – Harrold Warp’s Pioneer Village, Minden

Nevada – Harrah’s Automobile Museum, Southampton.

Ohio – Fredrick C. Crawford Auto aviation Museum, Cleveland.

Pennsylvania – Gene Zimmerman’s antique cars Museum, Harrisburg

Virginia – Car and Carriage caravan; Luray; memories of motoring memories, natural



England – Montaque Motor Museum, Bealieu and Brighton

France – Le Musse de Automobile de Rochetacllee, Lyon.

Germany – Daimler –Benz Museum

Italy – Museo dell’ automobile Carlo Biscaretti di Ruffia, Turin

Switzerland – Swiss Transport Museum Lucerne