There are several gadgets that everyone wants to equip their car. These gadgets might be lavish, but it makes a great difference when you have one of these in your ride. This can help you do some necessary task a lot easier. So here it is…

· Bluetooth is a wireless signal that allows phones to be connected to other Bluetooth-enabled cars. With the use of this amazing gadget, you don’t need to have a hard connection. It allows you to receive calls without physically holding the phone. Furthermore, there are features in phones that can be very functional in making transactions a lot better with the use of Bluetooth like multiple calls without the driver ever taking his or her eyes off the road.

· In-Car Media Storage Device. IN some vehicle you can find an in-car hard drive that can be used to store music and pictures. By means of connecting a USB device to these gadgets you can transfer music and other files to your car much easier.

· Real-Time Traffic Information. This is a device that has the ability to display real-time traffic information directly to a screen embedded in your car’s computer system. With this, drivers will be updated of what’s happening in the streets of the nearby towns thus, avoiding to get hooked in traffics. The driver can also pick different route or at least know what to expect on the ride home. Also, the gadget features a system that calculates alternative routes and picks the best way home, taking into account accidents, road/lane closures and traffic volume.

· Lane Departure Waning System. The device use a camera and speed sensor that determines when the car move away from its lane and alerts driver using a buzzer, seat vibrator or a visual cue. Using the turn signals prevents the system from kicking in.

· Premium-Branded Stereo. This gadget produces great sounds like the home stereo components. With the use of this amazing gadget you can ride with your treasured vehicle while listening to your favorite music.

· iPod Connection. In the world today, when almost everyone is updated with the current trends, like the iPod inspired car makers to create a gadget that would connect your ride with this amazing technology. With an iPod-specific connection you can navigate through tracks using the car’s audio system controls. In many cases this means using steering-wheel-mounted buttons and never having to take your eyes off the road.

· Rear Parking Camera this device displays a live video picture on the dash-mounted navigation screen. When the vehicle is shifted into Reverse, the driver can see exactly what’s behind him, significantly lessening the chance of running over something or someone.

· Heated and/or Cooled Cupholders keeps drinks stored in the glovebox cool when the air-conditioner is running. Also, it offers heated and cooled cupholders so your morning latte remains nice and toasty during the winter and your iced mocha can stay chilly.

· Remote Start. The device works by simply press a button on the key fob and the car starts itself, allowing you to warm up or cool down the interior from outside the car as it idles. The system automatically locks the doors, steering wheel and transmission so theft isn’t likely.

There are several gadgets that you can include in your precious vehicle. Just remember that when choosing a gadget that you will purchase, be sure that you’ll have the bets benefit out of your investment. There are several sites where you can check on trendy gadgets, all you have to do is to browse on the net!