Increasing cases of car accidents is a sign that no one is ever safe when driving in every road around the world. That is why, I have made up my mind to learn some important things that I need to remember in moments that I get caught in a car accident. I have read several articles about surviving car accidents and one thing that I have learned from those write up is that… “You are your own best friend when it comes to surviving a disaster.” Yes… you are the one responsible in every thing you do… in moment that you are fighting for your life in times of accidents.

Since you cannot bring along all the safety kits in your household when driving, here are a few tips that may help you in moments that your are completely vulnerable when you are caught in an accident.

Know that help is not on the way: The first thing that you need to put in your mind is that, the only person you can depend on is yourself. You are all alone and all that maters in you and you and you! Remember that help will not be on the way… bear in mind that you don’t have to wait for help… but instead… help yourself.

Don’t be your own worst enemy: For you to survive car accidents don’t be your own worst enemy… overcome your fear… cross the boundaries of life and death. Remember that when you are caught in a car accident, it is not about your fear of doing things that may hurt you… but instead… fear to die because of not doing anything to fight for your life.

According to Lawrence Nordhoff, Jr., D.C., accident reconstructionist and author of two texts on vehicle collisions there are several things you can do to survive a car crash when you only have split second to fight for your life.

· “Tighten up and brace yourself holding on firmly to the ten o’clock and two o’clock position of the steering wheel.” This can help you protect yourself from suffering more serious injury.

· The idea of remaining loose and relaxed is wrong! Contracted muscles protect the bones, discs, ligaments and nerves.

· “Keep your wrists flat, not bent,” to prevent wrist injuries.

· “Face forward, look straight ahead and sit squarely against the back of your seat.” Never allow passengers to bend forward in airbag-equipped cars because this may cause a more serious injury,

· “When stopped, keep an eye on your rear view mirror.” You have a better chance of not being injured or acquire a more serious injury if you’re aware of the oncoming collision.

· Sit at least 6 inches away from the steering wheel to avoid serious injury caused by the airbag crushing into your chest.

· The headrest must contact the area just above your ears. With this position, you can be safe from a more serious injury in your chest.

· Never place the shoulder harness behind your back. This may cause a serious spinal cord injury.

There are also things you can do a second before a car crash occurs. In the seconds before a car crash occurs, you only have time to slow down as much as possible and steer so as to reduce the speed at which the cars collide. The slower you are traveling when you start to decelerate, the slower the speed of the crash will be, which makes this a good reason to stay within the speed limit.