I’m a dog lover ever since I was a kid. I believe that dogs are man’s best friend, well for me… my dog Moymoy is my greatest bestfriend ever! He’s a 9 month old Labrador retriever. I usually bring him anywhere I go. Even when traveling in long distance places. I know for you folks its hard to bring along your dogs in your road trips. For me it is, but I simply find ways to make traveling with Moymoy a lot better.

  • Before I go to road trips I take him to the vet. I make sure that he is in good condition. In some countries like Mexico, they require legal documentation and sometimes a quarantine period to traveling pets. That is why visiting a vet before traveling is necessary to furnish these important documents.
  • I always have a sturdy collar provided with my home address and telephone number on the tag if in case he got lost. There are new technologies you can try for your pet like the microchip which is implanted under the skin of animals that serves as its permanent ID.
  • Bringing my pet’s beddings, toys brush and his own dishes is also part of the things-to-bring-list for Moymoy.
  • First-aid kits, water and copy of medical records are also included on my list.
  • In my car I provide a pet barrier for my dog’s protection while traveling.
  • No doggy in the window. I usually don’t allow my dog to peep outside the window because he might accidentally push on the window switch and trapped his head on the window glass. Thought its sounds cruel to deprive them from enjoyment when sticking their heads out the window.
  • Every now and then during road trips I take frequent brakes for Moymoy to have his legs stretched. During this time I fed him with water and give him food.
  • Lastly, I check his temperature once in a while to be sure that he is in good condition along our trip.

…you can check on this site if you want to have additional tips in traveling with your pets!


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